Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading

About Akashic Records

The Akashic Records represents the Universal memory, the cosmic consciousness; in Sanskrit the term Akasha means ether.
Akasha is the essence that permeates the Universe, that is, the energy recording of everything that exists, be it people, animals, planets or stars. It is a dimension of a very high vibration where unconditional love reigns, there exists beings of light, ascended masters and spiritual guides.

This level of consciousness is metaphorically described as a library that contains books or records of all that has existed, exists and will exist. Reading the Akashic Records offers you the possibility to consult your book of life which contains all the vibrational energy memories of the life you are living, of past life and of lives you have yet to live.

Akashic Records Reading

Reading the Akashic Records is not limited to receiving answers to one’s own questions, but it is much more, in reality there are several important processes; it is a real process of “healing”, Awakening, Consciousness that can transform one’s own Life. We receive information about the questions we launch to the Universe, clarifications about recurring themes that we want to transform and that prevent our flow in harmony with Life.

It shows the patterns of behavior that prevent this flow, any blocks that limit in the realization of personal happiness and in the expression of their own Essence.
During the reading always happens an Energy Transmission that brings us back in line with our Divine Plan, also if the Masters consider it necessary there is a very deep work of cleaning and dissolution of any blocks and karmic knots.

The energy that comes from the Akashic Records has a very high Vibration, works through our Higher Self and produces an expansion of Consciousness and an unlocking that frees us and allows us to be whole again and in our total Strength. By increasing our level of Vibration, a realignment with our Life path takes place and we are facilitated in flowing in tune with the Universe and in attracting to us what is needed for our Evolution.

Frequent Questions

 What do I have to do in this life?
What can I do for my mental, spiritual and physical improvement?
Why did this happen to me and what do I need to learn from this experience?
How can I help this person?
How can I forgive this person?
What is the recurrent pattern in my life that always attracts the same situation?
What is my mission or life purpose?
How can I remove limiting beliefs that are blocking me?
How can I overcome obstacles in remembering or pursuing my purpose?
Why certain patterns or situations are manifesting themselves in my life?
What can I do to overcome my sorrow in a specific situation?
How can I understand and overcome the blocks that are slowing down my evolution?

Because of access into earthly life many people have lost contact and the ability to enter this space of wisdom and information, therefore it may be useful to have the presence of a Reader, someone who has been initiated into this wisdom and can help you re-establish contact with your higher self.

What happens at the Akashic Records Reading?

When you make your appointment I will ask you to prepare some questions.
Akashic Records Readings take place in an atmosphere of peace, respect, openness and deep acceptance, there is never any judgement but only unconditional love of the Ascended Masters and Guides. The Akashic Records Reading takes approximately one hour, every session is a very touching, profound and Unique Experience.
You will be accompanied into a state of relaxation with a short guided meditation so you will be more receptive and open to receive the Messages and Love Energy that are transmitted by the Masters.

I will then proceed with the opening of your Records and will begin to ask the Masters to answer your questions, it often happens that they also have other messages to reveal. I will later send the whole recording of the session so you can relive the experience as many times as you want.
It is recommended to have sessions only with a person who has been initiated at the third level and has the ability to open the Registers of others.
Skype Sessions are also performed.

What clients say about Akashic Records Reading

Just today I had another session of Akashic Reading with Cinzia, and every time, I find it brings back the balance in my life, peace, bliss, blessedness are the deepest emotions I always feel, it is a true massage for the Soul.
Thank you Cinzia

Alice C. Artist

Thanks to the reading of the Akashic Records made by Cinzia I found answers to some questions and discovered the possibility of communicating with the Masters from whom I received rivers of love, solace and reassurance.
With deep gratitude

Rita C. Salò (BS)

Good morning, I’d like to bring my heart felt testimony to this wonderful experience…This opportunity came into my life suddenly, I decide to embrace it…I did not know yet how important it would be for me…reading the Akashic records for me was an experience from this world to the true essence…a return to awareness of us, because we are here and what we can do…and feel the true love of those who wake on us every day, it is not comparable to anything…  I write all this with my heart in my hand with immense gratitude to HER that becomes a wonderful bridge between here and there. If you are reading this I’m talking to you…. follow the instinct, it will be beautiful… Thank you.

Graziella C. Verona

Cinzia, unique experience…I was repeatedly moved by the messages of infinite love that arrived to me. Thank you, I’m very happy I was wary because maybe I have limitations or too many times I was disappointed, but not this time, I felt protected and reassured… I had shivers from beginning to end, I had visions of woods and fields of flowers and even seemed to see stars with the sun; I’m optimistic of nature but with time the pessimism had taken the best of me,since yesterday evening it is not so, I was given a hope and it feels really alive. Thanks indeed

Luciana M. Verona

I feel very well, I always think about what the masters told me… and I finally feel part of a real family…and I understand why I have always felt so disoriented as a guest …with a great desire to return home…now everything makes sense…the more I think the more this revelation responds to the many feelings, emotions and questions of this life. I’m happy now that I know, everything takes a different shape. I understand where I come from and my feeling of being a source of endless love.

Graziella C. Verona

I went to Cinzia for an akashic records reading… what about? It was simply a wonderful experience. Cinzia is a light worker who knows how to put people at ease right from the start, she is very prepared and available to provide insights and explanations, personally probaly because she reflects me, I really liked the going to essence of the issues, shine through all the love she puts in really wanting to help others,I recommend it to those who are approaching this world and those like me who have already done several studies and want to deepen.

Silvia P. Brescia

Cinzia took me yesterday with her careful and welcoming presence and her experience, in what for me was a first journay through this doorway, that wecomes you in parallel dimensions, where beings of light, through the channeling of Cinzia can communicate with us, everything is done in a very natural way, Cinzia conducts a short meditation of relaxation and already feels a widespread weel-being. With the opening of the doorway arrive beautiful feelings of harmony, welcome and unconditional love. Increases the sensory perceptions and in the meantime Cinzia always in a careful presence allows the passage of messages from these wonderful souls. I always felt safe and protected during this wonderful experience thanks to Cinzia. I really recommend it with my heart,it is my intuition that I followed to get to Cinzia and as always was the right thing to do at this time. Thank you,thank you,thank you.

Lucia G. Brescia

Thanks Cinzia for the wonderful experience you made me live yesterday morning,thanks to your wonderful gift on reading the akashic records, you brought me to know what is above all things, and that we are never alone in our every experience, we are guided and protected. Thanks Cinzia

Giovanni M. Verona

I made an individual stargate meditation and an akashic records reading with Cinzia…. a very strong experience,profound, wonderful, that gives an extra boots to your life…obviously managed with professionalim and infinite sweetness… an experience to try al least once in your life! Thanks Cinzia

Sonia L.Milano

Cinzia unique experience… I was moved repeatedly by the message of infinite love that came to me.

Adele V. Iseo

I have done the reading of the Akashic Rekords through Cinzia Maino, for me it has been incredible. I advice to anyone who wants to go beyond their own rationality, beyond this three-dimensional reality to make this fabulous experience. I have had interesting keys of reading, about myself,my life, now I have one more tool to be able to work better towards me and towards the people I meet…a big hug.

Sara G Brescia

‘The case’ has taken me to Cinzia, and I have received an Akashic Records Reading…if everything is perfect and everything comes at the right time, for me the moment of truth has arrived. Some things have been told me in which I have completely recognized myself, now it is the moment to heal myself. Cinzia is an angel put at our disposal, thanks for all Cinzia.

Cristina P. Carrara

As always the universe puts me on the way extraordinary people and just last week made me meet Cinzia, a special soul, after a nice chat on the phone I decided to do the akashic records reading, there are no words to describe this experience of infinite beauty … a wave of strong unconditional love accompanied me throughout the time of reading…talking with the archangels is something extraordinary and even more the miracles that happen if you listen and put into practice what they advise you. I was deeply impressed for your supreme love and the miracle that manifested itself in a short time putting into practice the valuable advice that were given to me. Cinzia is a wonderful woman of an extraordinary humility,she is a professional who works in light and supreme respect for all. Thank you universe for this great opportunity that you have given me.

Alessia Z. Verona

the akashic records reading with Cinzia is always a deep and different experience every time. All you can say about her is that she is a valid helper with a heart as deep as the calm sea…the rest is superfluous.

Caterina D. Pescara

thank you cinzia you are great … I am excited and honored to have had this experience … opening the akashic records is a plunge into the heart and you know how to do it with great skill.

Gloriana B. Pavia

I have experienced the akashic records reading with Cinzia,it was an extraordinary experience and very exciting … she is of an infinite sweetness…. beautiful reading thank you.

Erika F. Riva del Garda

When the soul asks the universe answers, it was days I read the same post, then I decided to let go of the resistance. I had already done a reading… but every experience enriches the awareness, and in this moment I needed to find again the contact with myself, with my soul. In Cinzia I found the unconditional love that the great souls that accompany you towards the awareness of you have, to help you break the chains that prevent you from flying high. It was a wonderful strong experience, a nourishment for the heart and soul, the message that came through Cinzia was to remember what my soul knows about aspects of my life and my personality and my existence. I cried and smiled at the same time for all the truth that contained those words, in my heart there is so much love and gratitude for Cinzia and for the masters, thank you Cinzia from the buttom of my heart because trhough your light you reminded me who I am.

Annamaria L. Milano

I had the honor and privilege of knowing cinzia an immense and bright soul that with its natural spontaneous spirituality puts you at ease, in her eyes and in her smile full of sweetness I felt at home, it was my first akashic records reading experience, she is a pure channel that brings you to probe deep into the remote corners of your soul. I had wonderful messages answers and confirmations from this profound experience absolutely to recommend, infinite gratitude to her, wonder of creation for her immense service to the world

Francesco M. Brescia

Thank you Cinzia the therapy with you has given me a strong push to move forward at the right time and in the right place, thank you for your gift you share with us, for your correctness and competence. We are constantly evolving and without understanding who you are, what your mission is, how can you overcome the obstacles? We are just wasting our precious time. Thank you so much

Elena P. Argentario

It was a blessing to have known Cinzia. I participated in my first Stargate meditation almost by chance invited by a friend, I had no special expectations that evening, I was simply curious, once arrived I was pleasantly welcomed and I took my place among the participants, I will never forget that evening,it was for me a meeting with the divine that brought me into contact with a reality that I had never touched, seen, felt before so clearly. Since then my life has had a whole new implication I started to perceive the world in which I live in a different way and in the last period was born in me the urgent need to deepen the thing through books meditations and personal research. After the first stargate meditation stargate I decided to visit Cinzia at her house to receive an akashic records reading, it is very reductive to try to explain what happened that day, I was moved during that journay, I received answers that I had never managed to access, I felt understood and loved, today I feel serene and quiet, I do not want to belittle through other words (which would be only limiting) what was for me this experience but changed the sense of my existence.
Thank you Cinzia for what you have done, what you do and what you will do. I will always be immensely grateful, with all my love and gratitude.

Marvin M. Desenzano

Someone guided me to cinzia and it was a revelation, she is a beautiful person full of peace and love, I recommend to everyone at least once to have a light experience with her, you will surely come out different. Thank you very much for the messages you gave me.

Giovanna F. Padova

Reading my akashic records : very profound experience, vibrant luminous,intimate, so true as to leave the shivers for hours, days,I do not know how to describe it, except by saying that it was food for my soul, pointed out to me the path that I could not find anymore. I am grateful and I still breath that love thank you.

Chiara T. Milano

Dear Cynthia, you have a wonderful gift, that you use and that you share with others with naturalness and harmony you are a positive and loving person to whom you can trust with serenity and trust, never stop.

Laura C. Udine

The Akashic Records reading is a wonderful experience, wonderful energy …it is changing my life … to be repeated without a doubt … Cinzia you are really up to what you do … ??? a hug

Genny C. COMO

I had the “AKASHIC RECORDS” reading on 15 January and it was a wonderful experience that I would like to recommend. Cinzia is the ideal medium for this wonderful communication that has been both revealing and confirming for my life.
and of course

Sabrina B. Lonato

The Akashic Records reading is unique experience. Cinzia a revelation. Thank you Universe thank you Cinzia

Aurora A. Riva del Garda

Just yesterday I have had an Akashic Records reading with Cinzia. It was my first time and it was a fantastic experience. I had many confirmations about what I felt and also physically felt some sensations. Personally, I was given great encouragement about my projects and a sense of trust was born in me. I recommend it to anyone who has questions or doubts about their own path. Thank you Cinzia!

Nicol C. Trento

I have had an Akashic Records reading with Cinzia. It was a very deep and exciting experience that gave me more awareness and confidence. Cinzia is a person with a special gift and carries out her mission with great professionalism and gentleness.

Sabrina B. Brescia

To be guided by Cinzia was wonderful. A sensational experience, to be repeated. Cinzia is a wonderful soul. Recommended

Zora B. Treviso

Cinzia is a revelation of sweetness and welcome. A very intense channel. Thank you

Simona F. Pavia

Reading the Akashic Records…something out of the ordinary, a sensational experience, pure energy, indescribable, angels have an unconditional love for us that is not easy to find on earth, but if you decide to choose Cinzia you will realize what I am talking about. Cinzia you are a wonderful person, unique, proud to have known you. Thank you

Sara C. Como