Group Stargate

Group Stargate

What Is Group Stargate Meditation?

Many people experience their guides in a very tangible way, often for the first time, feeling, hearing or seeing them.
What is amazing for most participants is that these changes can occur simply by being in the Stargate’s energy field.

There is nothing to ‘do’.
All these changes come about during guided meditations by the raising of the individual’s vibrational frequency.
Dormant parts of the multi-dimensional DNA strands are stimulated into awakening, resulting in greater awareness and a growing spiritual presence within the Self.

How Does Stargate Meditation Develop?

Very often various higher-dimensional beings are invited to bring their presence into the room. Angelic Realms, Nature Spirits, Star Families such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Hathors, Gaia, Ascended masters, the Divine Feminine, and the Galactic Command are some of those that join us. These beings are felt in a very tangible way, seen by those whose inner vision is open, and felt by all. As we are touched by the energy of these visitors, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakening are possible. These visitors have a very specific purpose. As our energy field begins to resonate with theirs, aspects of our DNA, which carry massive amounts of information and memories, as well as skills and abilities, held in a dormant state, are coaxed into awakening. This creates the possibility of changes without effort that are in alignment with your higher self and your life purpose.

Many years of experience, hundreds of workshops and thousends of participants have demonstrated that change happens simply and easily, with intention rather than effort. Physical healing does not have to take time, it can happen in moments.

Old lifestyles can be replaced with ones of joy and higher purpose. Limiting realationships can be be reinvigorated or drop away with ease, in honor and respect for the others contribution to your learning. The Stargate is designed to support people in accelerating beyond the slow pace of 3rd dimensional movement, to quickly rise into a higher octave of their own beingness.

What clients say about Group Stargate Meditation

Friday was the first time for me with Stargate meditation, I let my self be lulled by your words and I began to feel my body, my heart and my head. Thanks Cinzia indeed for this nice epidermic feeling, I want to travel again soon.

Sabrina Milano


I have known Cinzia for some years having started together a path of shamanism and I immediately understood the beauty that she has inside…last night, our Stargate meditation in Milan was as always beautiful, I felt floating into the deepest peace so that I did not want to come back.

Simona B. Milano


Thank you Cinzia for the wonderful Stargate meditation last night, it was a portal of light and very strong love. Thank you Cinzia for your open hearted welcome.

Alessandra C. Salò


Thursday evening at Salò. I’ve just experienced the Stargate meditation. Wonderful and unique. Cinzia has taken us all with her gentle voice to the 12th dimension. I will definitely repeat it and I’m recommending it to a lot of people…with Cinzia I’ve also experienced the Akashic Records reading, an exciting experience and was thrilled on hearing the voice of the light Masters. Thank, thank, thank you Cinzia for everything from my heart, you are a unique and wonderful person and you will have a wonderful path

Veronica A. Verona


And yet even a sceptic like me came out enriched by the experience with Cinzia, probably I was not yet ready to live it fully, but I’m trying to understand what change could have occurred in me this evening, whatever it is, it was worth it and I’m happy about it. I think that one day I will have to try again with a new awareness. Thank you Cinzia

Sole Salò


Stargate meditation is an experience that everyone should treat themselves to. A journey outside the usual schemes that enriches the heart! Thank you Cinzia because each time it is always different from the previous one and in any case unique in its moment!

Emilia G. Milano


Thank you Cinzia you are a special woman and gave me so much energy and love, I felt it inside, thanks for the wonderful experience this evening, very strong energy, so much light and so much love.

Alice L. Brescia


Thanks for the wonderful evening that I was able to spend, thanks to you and Stargate. During this extraordinary experience I could experience wonderful emotions, I could feel great love and peace and the connection with the loving masters and not only. I hope to meet you again as soon as possible and relive this wonder. Thanks dear, hugs

Eliana S. Milano


Thank you cinzia for the wonderful experience of this evening.Very strong energy, lots of light and lots of love…….

Mariella S. Brescia


I just had the Stargate Meditation experience. It’s an inner journey to break away from the third dimension of the earth and reach the twelfth dimension. Absorbing high frequency vibrations,it is a real energy cleaning inside, to have a regenerated body, lighter, throwing away all the weights we no longer want to have. Stargate Meditation is a unique opportunity to reset all our old programs we were slaves to. It’s a heart awakening that absorbs the energy of ‘love and then give it to those who need it. Stargate is a meditation of transformation and healing of the soul . I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the guide Cinzia who brought the Stargate also to Milan.

Elina B. Milano


I want to share another wonderful experience that I did thanks to Cinzia. Yesterday I experienced the individual stargate meditation. Stargate: what can I say? It was a wonderful experience!!! the voice of Cinzia cradles you in relaxation, she calls who feels right for you ,then everything happens: physical feelings, emotional … thank you Cinzia for bringing me to this fantastic world.

Mara C. Roma

Group Stargate Meditation