Individual Stargate

Individual Stargate

What Is Individual Stargate Meditation?

It is a very deep and personal experience and can be very intense and transformative. The Stargate is a complex Sacred geometry structure that creates a tangible Energy Field, measurable with specific tools. During the session we work with the etheric Stargate which is called up by myself to allow the person to be taken into a state of deep relaxation to begin the Experience and the Multidimensional Journey. As now amply demonstrated we are Energy so when the Stargate begins to create the Energy Field, we will naturally resonate with its Vibration and will be gently transported, and raised to the Twelfth Dimension.

What Happens During Individual Stargate?

When we are aligned with this Frequency we are more sensitive and open to the Entities of Light, such as Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Civilisations and we connect naturally with the Elements of Nature and the Mythological Beings that are invited during the meditation, the Sun and the Stars, the Trees, the Unicorns, the Del! This creates a very powerful field and we enter into an Ocean of very high Multidimensional Frequencies, starting to Vibrate at a very high Frequency and bringing about a profound Transformation that makes possible: improvements in pathologies, Life’s changes, problem’s Transformation and much more.

What are the benefits I can get from the Individual Stargate?

It is a calibrated work to the specific needs of the person who, during the Session, can bring into the Energy Field all the issues that need to be addressed, such as physical, mental or emotional discomfort, difficult situations such as school tests, interviews, surgeries or painful situations. Relationships can be healed, a romantic relationship can be created by working on opening of the heart.
The personal Stargate meditation will be recorded to allow you to continue the work at home to reinforce the experience until the desired benefit is achieved or the goal is reached. The session lasts about 45 minutes.

Individual Stargate Meditation