Multi Dimensional Healing

Multi Dimensional Healing

What Is Dimensional Healing?


Multi Dimensional Healing is a unique experience that allows you to achieve an optimal state of energy, physical, emotional and mental balance.  The work takes place in another dimension with the presence of the Stargate (interdimensional portal) and the precious help of the guides and the Masters.

During the session I am guided in conveying and transmitting the Energy where there is a need to bring back the person’s energy system in a natural realignment.

The treatment consists in working on the energy field of the person in his holographic memory, allowing access to the infinite field of potential, in a sacred space where everything is possible (without the limits of physics typical of the third dimension), the person’s bio-ologram accesses parallel dimensions, new information that vibrates at much higher frequencies and allows the transformation of repetitive patterns and programs, freeing the person from the limits and blocks that slow down his or her evolution and allowing him or her to awaken to a greater awareness. You can work on various levels: on physical problems, emotional or mental patterns. Thanks to this rebalancing operation, the correct energetic conditions are recreated so that the body, made up of the whole of various elements, can once again be in Harmony and Equilibrium and consequently reactivate the intrinsic capacity of Self-Healing.

Throughout my career, I have observed positive effects on people with the following symptoms:

• physical problems of various kinds
• fears, anxieties, panic attacks, neurosis and stress
•addictions of all kinds (physical and emotional)
•emotional blockages, mental conditioning, traumas

In addition, it is also very effective for :

• increase self-esteem
• strengthen the immune system
• increase the ability to relax
• increase its energy level
• access to a greater awareness and much more…
let’s be surprised by a higher intelligence than ours.

Distance Multidimensional Healing sessions are just as efficient. Distance does not reduce the effects and this therapy can be used on children, animals and people with reduced mobility.
Each distance Multidimensional Healing session lasts around 30 minutes.

I’m Cinzia Maino, I’m not a doctor, nor do I claim to be a doctor in anyway. Multi Dimensional Healing can’t be considered a therapy in the common sense of the term. For this reason you are invited to not reduce or discontinue medical therapies you are following. Specific results are not guaranteed. Under no circumstances advice on your physical condition, diagnosis or prescriptions of any kind are provided. You are always recommended to consult a qualified doctor to take care of your physical condition.
Each person is responsible for himself/herself and of his/her medical care.

What clients say about Multi Dimensional Healing

Good morning everybody, I’m experimenting with Cinzia Maino some distance sessions of Multi dimensional Healing with extraordinary results. At the end of each session I feel reborn, in peace with myself and with the whole world. It is as if I was reborn every time, the world around is wonderful and everything is perfect as it is. Thank you very much for your helpfulness, professionality, love and deepness, with love and respect.

Claudia G. Brescia (BS)


Cinzia is a wonderful person, her treatments are full of love and are able to make you feel in deep peace and harmony! And her very high listening skills and empathy make her a truly exceptional and unique light operator.

Alice C. Cesena


Multi Dimensional Healing, a personal experience with great positive effects, care of the soul and the body, the night no longer slept from back pain for months, permanent….. Just one treatment was enough to make me go back to sleep like a child, and consequently the days are full of happiness. Very very happy and positive. I recommend all Cinzia’s treatments, one more beautiful than the other. Thank you very much, choose her, you will not regret, a super professional person and always available for any problem. Thank you Cinzia

 Sara C. Milano


One month after the sessions with Cinzia, my life has changed radically, with constant improvements every day in various professional and relational aspects. Cinzia combines sweetness with her vast professionalism. Thank you

Claudio G. Parma


Wonderful experience…Lots of silence, quiet point. In the physical strong presence of heat and vibration in the stomach that slowly flooded the heart, chest, solar plexus. State of the spirit: completeness, lightness, harmony. Thanks to Cinzia and all the entities that have contributed.

Sandra Verona


Cinzia has a gift and offers it generously to others, I have had different experiences with her, Stargate meditation and Reconnective Healing, if you suspend the judgement of the conscious mind…the energy, the power of these experiences becomes something wonderful,something that brings you closer to your consciousness, your soul, and pushes you towards your evolutionary path, that all of us are called to accomplish.

Mikela T. Salò


Thank you Cinzia for this experience that for me was pleasant and above all I was able to verify the benefits in the following days.

 Manuela F. Trento

Multi Dimensional Healing